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About Us

We're the best IT company that you haven't heard of.....yet.

HybrIT Services in a nutshell

HybrIT Services NZ, part of the HybrIT Services Group, offers exceptional IT solutions and services.

Our team of IT experts share a passion for technology and is committed to delivering outstanding results for our customers.

By leveraging the knowledge and expertise of our global team, we empower our staff to excel and take pride in their work, fostering success for businesses across New Zealand.

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Our story

Empowering businesses, and building a brighter future together

HybrIT Services NZ was born from a shared vision between directors Paul Forkgen and Kris Turk. In late 2020, as Kris contemplated returning to his native New Zealand for family reasons, both he and Paul recognized an opportunity to take HybrIT global, expanding their services and leveraging the advantage of working across time zones. HybrIT Services NZ was established in December 2021.


Born in the cloud and with a focus on Microsoft Cloud solutions, the company carries forward the same ethos that has driven their success: treating every customer with the same level of care, regardless of size or budget.

Our goal

Drive success and innovation by becoming New Zealand's leading Cloud specialists

HybrIT Services NZ aims to foster long-term relationships, grow through its reputation, and help businesses of all sizes reach their potential. As they continue to expand their services in New Zealand, the team remains dedicated to working closely with clients and empowering them to succeed in today's dynamic digital landscape.

Together, they believe that the growth of HybrIT Services NZ will be fuelled by the success of the businesses they serve, leading to a brighter future for all.

Crossing the Finish Line

Who we are

​Not just an IT support company, but a technology partner

We work collaboratively with businesses to get better business outcomes from technology investments.

By working with our partners to improve security, platforms, automation & technology adoption. We continuously strive to improve your systems, receive fewer issues to solve & in turn have more bandwidth to improve your systems.

The benefit of this symbiotic partnership is powerful. As you invest in your technology, we are invested in your success. We succeed together.

How we work

A DevOps culture, both with Managed Services and projects

This approach allows us to deliver tangible results quickly and repeatedly through a continuous loop of planning, deployment, testing, feedback, and improvement.


It also means we are constantly engaging with our partners.

IT is not a destination but an ongoing journey where we will never reach the destination.

Meet the directors

Our team

A dynamic group of IT professionals, united by a passion for technology and a commitment to delivering exceptional service. We combine our diverse expertise and experience to drive success for our clients, fostering a culture of collaboration and continual growth.

Together, we strive to empower businesses and contribute to their lasting success in an ever-evolving digital landscape

Our global team

HybrIT UK Team
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