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Channel Partnership

Partner with HybrIT Services NZ to elevate your service offerings, leveraging our cloud expertise to enhance your clients' Azure experience.

Increased Revenue

Partnering with us allows you to tap into new revenue streams and increase profitability by offering Azure services to your clients without having to invest in extensive resources or training.

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Expand Your Offerings

Partnering with us allows you to expand your portfolio of services and offer your clients a broader range of Azure solutions and expertise.

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Simplified Azure Services

Our "Azure done for you" service simplifies the Azure experience by handling all aspects of deployment, configuration, and management, allowing you to focus on your core business and leave the technical details to us.

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Access to Azure Experts

Our Escalation only option provides you with customized support, allowing you to handle day-to-day management of your Azure services, while still having access to our experts for escalation and resolution of more complex issues. This option provides you with the flexibility to manage your Azure environment according to your needs, while still having the assurance that our experts are available to provide timely support and solutions when needed.

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Growing together through strategic partnership

HybrIT Services believes in the power of strategic alliances. We understand that our success is intertwined with that of our partners. By sharing our expertise in Microsoft Cloud and Azure services, we aim to build lasting partnerships that drive mutual growth and deliver exceptional value to our clients. Together, we can shape the future of IT services.

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